What we stand for


We clearly understand the scope of our activities in the field of international secondment of employees. As a result, responsible handling and careful treatment of sensitive data are one of our most important principles.


Our customers, employees and business partners can all expect honest and open communication from us. This creates a constructive atmosphere among our employees, customers and business partners.

Focus on our customers and employees

Our focus on the customer is an important part of what we do. As a service provider, our goal is to deliver a tailor-made solution for every customer. We feel our employees are equally valuable. It is clear to us: satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers.


We see ourselves as a completely reliable partner for our customers and cooperation partners, even in the most stressful phases. We are there for them, before, during and after the completion of a relocation project.  

Empathy and Respect

We consider your concerns and questions from your point of view. This empathy with your situation forms the foundation for collaboration based on mutual trust. We think highly of our employees, customers and business partners and show them due respect.


No commissions accepted

We consider independence and transparency essential as we serve the interest of the people who engage our services and the interests of their employees. For this reason, since our company was established, this basic rule has held true: no commissions from third parties!