Relocation experts: Passionate about customer service

What sets us apart: Empathy. Focus on quality. Respect.

All our employees have a highly developed sense of service. They have a very good command of English and a strong awareness of quality as well as a respectful way of interacting with colleagues, customers and business partners. 


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Matthias Born


The greater and ever more complex requirements related to international employee assignments motivate me to provide our customers with assistance that is in step with the times and state-of-the-art. I have been in the relocation service business since 1994 and have lived in the Rhine-Neckar metro region for 48 years.

Madlen Ovenden

Relocation Department,
Team Lead and Area Manager

Everyone has to contend with intense time pressure nowadays. To me it’s important that the support we provide our customers, their employees and their families when relocating is as stress-free and optimal as possible. I am pleased that many employees accept an assignment to Germany and that we can help them with advice and support so that their transition into their new environment works out more easily.

Thomas Strauch

Immigration Department,
Team Lead and Account Manager Immigration

It is always a wonderful feeling to provide advice and support to foreign employees and to accompany them as they begin working here in Germany. I enjoy surfing, wind surfing, mountain biking, snowboarding and volleyball in my free time.

Jan Tromp

Relocation Department,
Area Consultant

The perfect combination of professionalism and a personal touch is crucial for a successful relocation, just how I would like it done if I were being transferred. My hobbies include volleyball, reading and guitar. I have been a proud father since November of 2015.

Catherine Steinbach

Relocation Department,
Coordinator & Area Consultant

Intercultural competence, know-how about the local area, empathy and, most importantly, getting to know people from many different countries ensures that a relocation is free of stress and successful. The result is a thankful smile and positive feedback from the international staff we serve.

Janet Hertlein-Löwe

Property Department,
Property Consultant

Nowadays you cannot survive as part of a relocation agency without a sense of empathy. My work is dedicated to conveying empathy and fulfilling the wishes of our clients. Our satisfied executive clients encourage me to never treat the services we provide to them as a routine matter.

Silke Lämmler

Relocation Department,
Area Consultant

I always want to offer my clients the support I would like to have myself if I were in their position. In order to be able to do that I try to empathize and imagine how I would feel in their circumstances. I have always been fascinated by foreign cultures and languages, so I initially worked as an ESA (European Secretarial Assistant) at a hotel and am very happy about my work as a relocation consultant. Hobbies: Spanish, traveling to Spain, dancing, riding my mountain bike and getting to know many people.

Alexia Vasiliou

Relocation Department,
Area Consultant

Relocation is a highly individualized service with many personal factors unique to an employee and his or her family. I enjoy making sure that arriving in the new country goes smoothly for clients and taking all the stress out of moving into their new home so that they can get off to a good start with their new life in Germany. It is interesting for me to become familiar with different cultures and establish friendships.

Melanie Ungewitter-Pätzold

Relocation Department,
Area Consultant

Settling in is an important personal and emotional process and constantly occurs in many areas of life. To move to a foreign country to work is a big step. A lot is new and different. My personal goal is to lend structure to this process which allows clients to enjoy taking on their new circumstances.

Branko Vukas

Relocation Department,
Area Consultant

Because I settled in Germany myself 38 years ago, this is not only a job but also a deeply felt joy to welcome and assist those who have just arrived in Germany.

Heike Hauke

Finance Department,
Team Lead

Moritz Schneider

Marketing Department,

Reducing the workload for companies and implementing a completely hassle-free integration process for employees under our care are key in our work at Systematic Movement. My task is to convey our outstanding services to the public.