Preparing employees for relocation

Orientation in advance: We see to it that your employees adjust quickly

Every relocation benefits from optimal preparation. Because prior to a relocation, employees must contend with many different questions. What can my family and I expect? What will we have to be careful about? What do I need to know? As an expert in the area of internal transfers, Systematic Movement is able to answer these questions.

Our portfolio covers many services which complement each other. These allay the misgivings of your employees about the assignment, and make getting started easier. Among these are, for example, welcome calls to the first orientation or intercultural training which prevents misunderstandings and provides information about the culture, traditions and environment of the host country.



How your employees benefit: Setting a course for a good start

  • Introduction in culture and religion, raise awareness about unique characteristics of the new setting
  • Reduce anxiety and, even before the employee starts the assignment
  • Lay the foundation for successful work and enjoying life in a foreign country
  • Even after the relocation, we continue to help newly arrived employees and their families as their contact

How your company benefits: Employees free of worries who can concentrate on their new tasks

  • Optimal preparation for the move to Germany
  • Employees can use their full capacity, because they do not have to worry about the settling-in
  • Prevention of assignment abandonments

How you benefit

  • Optimal preparation: Employees are prepared and ready for their assignment and uncertainty is eliminated.
  • Integration: We help your employees settle in Germany.
  • Employee motivation: Successful integration means employees are more satisfied and more productive.

You want to make sure that your employees are well prepared for the international assignment? Contact us via E-Mail or call 06227 877550.

Our orientation & preview services in detail

Systematic Movement offers a wide range of services which make settling in easier for employees and their families. These include, among other things: Orientation tours before they decide to accept the assignment, welcome calls before the assignment starts. In addition, we help employees and their families during the assignment through Welcome to Germany meetings, office hours, intercultural training and spousal support.

Orientation Tour

In a full or half-day orientation tour, employees considering an overseas assignment get to know the setting of the host country during final recruitment talks.

The employee obtains a good overview of the future place of residence. This makes a decision in favor of the employer’s location significantly easier. The tour is organized to closely reflect the employee's main interests.

Welcome Call

We greet your employee with a welcome call prior to moving to Germany.

In this telephone call our coordinator discusses the processes the employee will be facing. The coordinator also explains the services available to the employee, such as finding accommodation, a school or a kindergarten.

Welcome to Germany Meeting

In this meeting, which lasts several hours, all the processes that are essential for all stages of the international assignment are discussed.

Topics include required documentation, the German housing market, insurance needs. The meeting of several hours offers opportunity to clarify any pending questions. Employees also receive helpful guidelines about their specific situation.

Office hours

New employees and employees who have already been working in Germany for some time receive support in connection with all issues that can come up in daily life in Germany.

Online and/or campus office hours allow any questions and issues of foreign employees to be clarified. Topics covered include: Letters from local authorities, bills, helping the spouse get acclimated, and any social services needed by the family.

Intercultural training

This one-day workshop provides advice on acclimating to the new location both on the job and privately.

Training contents include external perception, stumbling blocks, prejudices and varying communication styles. Awareness of these issues helps avoid culture shock so employees achieve their full potential and stay with the company longer.


Spousal Support

Spousal support puts things on the right track for a partner accompanying an employee to Germany so they feel welcome in the new host country.

One of the main reasons for the failure of assignments is a lack of support for employee families. With spousal support we take preventive action. We offer new arrivals the opportunity to connect and make friends quickly and to organize leisure activities.