Finding the right place to live- through professional home search

We will find the right accomodation for international assignments

The right accommodation makes a decisive contribution to your new employees feeling comfortable in the host country. We will find a place to live that satisfies employee expectations and meets the specifications of your company. At the same time, we provide various services which make house hunting more efficient and ultimately successful. We arrange for appropriate temporary accomodation until the right home is found.


The employees describe what they are looking for and we search the market for matching offers within the budget available. We set up appointments with landlords and accompany the employee to see the prospective property.  We already begin preparing even before your employee arrives in Germany. For example, we organize viewings via Skype. This saves valuable time and shortens the decision-making process – a major advantage in the tight housing market. In addition, we prepare flyers for landlords recommending the potential tenant and the family. This improves the chances of being selected for the accommodation. In many cases this eliminates the need to hunt for temporary housing. The company is saved unnecessary costs and employees feel better from the very beginning. 

But our help goes much further than that: Our consultants can advise employees on every aspect of house hunting (such as leases or connecting electricity, water, gas, telephone and getting Internet access).


Benefits for your employees: less effort, quicker „connection“

  • Knowledge of the local housing market
  • Communication difficulties are avoided by having an English-speaking consultant
  • Help the employee getting networked as quickly as possible

Benefits for your company: accommodation is found quickly, less work for your employees

  • Immediate focus on finding the right accommodation. In the meantime, employees can concentrate on their work
  • Guarantee that properties satisfy the expectations of your employees while meeting specifications of your company

How you benefit

  • Knowledge of the housing market: We are able to provide a realistic assessment of the local housing market.
  • Realistic estimation: We can tell whether the criteria for house search are realistic. If necessary, we modify these – in consultation with the employee.
  • Saving time: We reduce the time needed for finding accommodation and improve the chances for applicants through the use of innovative concepts and the latest media.

Would you like to know how we can help your employees with their housing search? Contact us via E-Mail or call 06227 877550.

Our home search Services in detail

Our services include: Arranging temporary accommodation, searching for an apartment, signing a tenant agreement, dealing with formalities, such as arranging for utilities and phone and Internet service.

Arranging temporary accommodation

Systematic Movement finds accommodation while long-term accommodation is not yet available.

Our solutions include fully furnished accommodation that is often cheaper than hotels and boarding houses. Temporary lodging includes an Internet connection and fully equipped kitchen.  

House hunting

Systematic Movement searches for appropriate accommodation in the region, which meets the expectations of the employee and your budget.

We arrange viewing appointments and accompany the employee on the viewing (or via Skype). We inform employees in advance about the area near the apartments or homes.

Taking over accommodation

Once an employee has chosen a place to live, Systematic Movement provides assistance in negotiating the lease and with transfer of the accommodation (including preparing a handover protocol).

Our consultants explain the lease to employees and provide them with a summary version in English.

Establishing electricity and gas service

Systematic Movement arranges for utility services.

Systematic Movement arranges with the standard local electricity or gas utility on behalf of the employee, so that utilities are working from the first day.


Phone and Internet Service

Systematic Movement applies for phone and Internet service on behalf of the employee with the best provider.

Upon request we have a qualified specialist to complete the on-site installation for the employee.