Welcoming employees, facilitating integration

We mak settling easy for employees

Immediately after arrival in Germany a number of tasks have to be completed; Systematic Movement would be happy to take care of these for new employees (including opening a bank account, taking out insurance, transferring the driver’s license, finding a school or kindergarten, getting advice on the purchase of household appliances, joining a local sports club and much more). We agree on the settling-in services required in consultation with the employee. Our consultant will take care of the rest – helping to make the assignment to Germany a success.


Benefits for your employees: effective assistance, rapid integration, prompt salary payments

  • Employees receive assistance with everyday tasks during relocation
  • Employees acclimate well to their new setting
  • Greater quality of life for overseas staff
  • Monitoring of every step and deadline so that employees receive their salary on time.

Benefits for your company: motivated employees and a general decrease in the workload for HR

  • Provision of all the data required for accurately and correctly calculating salaries
  • Reduces the workload of your HR department
  • Positive effect on employee's work performance and motivation

Your benefits

  • Important fundaments: We actively support your employees in order to quickly achieve sustainable integration. 
  • Inclusion of the family: We help the family to feel at home in Germany.
  • A wide range of extra-services: Our services include many additional activities ranging from grocery shopping to accompanying the person on the first visit to a doctor in Germany.

Do you have any questions about our Settling-in Service? Or would you like more detailed information? Contact our consultants by E-Mail or phone 06227 877550.

Our settling-in services in detail

Our services cover a wide range of areas which make life easier during an international assignment, from opening a bank account and taking out insurance to finding a school or kindergarten and filing an application for family benefits, all the way to getting your driver’s license transferred.

Opening a bank account

Systematic Movement will open a current account for the employee at the desired bank.

Prior to this we advise your employees on choosing a suitable bank. On request we apply for credit cards for the duration of the international assignment, open savings accounts and set up online banking.

Insurance services

We advise your employees on what insurance to choose.

To guarantee basic insurance during the international assignment, Systematic Movement organizes a meeting with an English-speaking insurance agent. We can also take part in this meeting upon request.

Finding a school or kindergarten

Systematic Movement advises employees on kindergartens and schools that are available in the area where they live.

Upon request, we accompany them to enrollment and visit the schools and kindergartens with them. We gather all the required information about the children in advance from your employee and assist the family during their stay.

Applying for family benefits

Systematic Movement fills out and submits all documents required for this application.

This is done after the employee has been registered (EU citizens) or after a residence permit has been issued for all family members. A follow-up with the family benefits office is included in the service.


Getting driver’s license transferred

Systematic Movement arranges for translation of the foreign driver’s license, applies for a German driver’s license and collects it from the local authority.

In addition, we help with the selection of a local driving school.


Additional services

We would be happy to assist you with anything which will make settling in easier.

Systematic Movement does shopping trips, offers advice on household appliance purchases and provides information on recreational activities. Upon request, we provide assistance in using public transport, for example buying tickets and working out routes.