Solid planning to reduce the workload on HR and employees

Relocation the easy way: Dealing efficiently with all relevant formalities

As a relocation service provider, Systematic Movement takes over responsibility for all formalities arising in connection with the hiring of foreign employees. Our service ensures that processes run smoothly and avoid no delays result from missing documents.

In many cases we are able to reduce the time required for employees to immigrate by up to 40 percent

Our immigration specialists work closely with your personnel department and local authorities, regardless of whether this involves applying for visas or carrying out the various registrations required. Thanks to excellent relations in the regions we cover, we can cover up to 80 percent of procedures without employees or their family members having to be present. Because all our specialists speak excellent English, communication works perfectly.


Benefits for your employees: Procedures run smoothly with miniml effort

  • Systematic Movement takes care of all activities involving local authorities
  • Employee needs to visit the authorities only once
  • Employee can become accustomed to the new environment without problems concerning immigration and with minimal expenditure of time

Benefits for your company: No unnecessary delays, reducing the workload for HR

  • Specialized on immigration services
  • Takeover of all topics related to settling in a different country
  • You can be certain that all relevant issues have been dealt with
  • Your employees can concentrate on what really counts: becoming familiar with their new area of responsibility

How you benefit

  • Solid planning: We work out the earliest possible starting date so that you can make reliable plans for the assignment.
  • Smooth implementation: As a result of our close contact with the local authorities, the immigration process runs quickly and without complications.
  • Time savings: As a rule, your employees will only have to be present at the local authority once. All other activities will be carried out by Systematic Movement, without your employee needing to be there.

You have got questions on how we can support you in the field of immigration or you would like to have a non-binding offer? Contact us via E-Mail or call 06227 877550.

Our immigration services in detail

Our services include: Consent procedures, registration at the local residents’ registry office, confirmation of withholding of income tax and income tax identification number, application for a visa and residence permit.

Obtaining a work permit

Systematic Movement applies to the relevant authorities for provisional work permits for employees.

We review legal requirements for work permits ahead of the assignment. Systematic Movement acts as an agent for the employee and the employer. Once provisional work permits are issued, we immediately inform your HR and your employees.


Systematic Movement provides assistance to employees and their families during the entire visa process.

Our team assembles all the required visa documents (reference from the employer, filled out visa application, health insurance, etc.). The employee receives a complete “visa file” with all the required documents and application forms.

Registration at the registry office

Immediately after the arrival in Germany, the relocation consultant carries out the required registration with the local authority responsible.

Systematic Movement takes care of all administrative aspects and appointments. Our consultants will inform your employee about all necessary steps.


Residence permit

After registration at the registry office, the relocation consultant takes care of applying for local residence and work permits

Once again, all required documents are prepared by Systematic Movement. The relocation consultant carries out all activities involving local authorities.

Confirmation of income tax deductions and tax identification number

Application for confirmation of the provisional income tax certificate for the new employee.

A confirmation is issued an a tax ID generated and sent to the registered address of the employee. Systematic Movement applies for confirmation tax reimbursements and ensure employees and their partner are assigned the correct tax classification.