Concluding international assignment without complications

We ensure a smooth transition at the conclusion of the assignment

As soon as the end of the international assignment is in sight, the last part of our relocation services begin. This phase is often very stressful for the employee: The workplace must be cleaned out and a series of administrative tasks dealt with. Systematic Movement does this for you; for example, giving notice of departure to all relevant authorities and applying for mail to be forwarded – for a smooth return home.


Benefits for your employees: Concluding the international assignment without difficulty

  • Systematic Movement goes to local authorities and gives notice of departure
  • A lot of stress is taken out of the final phase of the assignment
  • Employees can devote all their attention on the end of the assignment

Benefits for your company: Reduced work for the personnel department, efficient processing

  • Our well-founded knowledge as well as the coordination at the end of the assignment relieve your personnel department of work
  • Many years of experience in dealing with local authorities
  • Guarantee that the deadline for concluding the assignment is met
  • Avoidance of unnecessary costs

Your benefits

  • The focus remains on work tasks until the final day: Systematic Movement ensures that there are no loose ends at the end of the assignment. Employees can focus on company matters until their very last day in Germany.
  • Post-Relocation-Service: Systematic Movement continues to be your partner even after the assignment is over.
  • Tying up loose ends: We see to it that all legal requirements are met, such as vacating and renovating the accomodation - making the final weeks easier for employees and their family.


We would be happy to explain how we can support you and your employee at the end of the assignment. Please send us an E-Mail or contact us via phone 06227 877550.

Our departure services in detail

Our services include terminating contracts, handing back rented accommodation, closing bank accounts, lodging an application for forwarding of mail, and giving notice of departure at the registry office.

Terminating contracts

Systematic Movement prepares all required written notices of termination and initiates all necessary processes.

Once the employee has signed the notice of termination, we forward it by mail. If difficulties should arise with acceptance of notices of termination, follow-up on two occasions is included in the service. 


Handing back rented accommodation

Systematic Movement organizes a meeting of all the parties involved to assess any repairs required.

If damage needs to be repaired or a renovation is required, we help with the selection of the trades people as well as with coordination. We provide support, for example, with handing over the property by preparing a protocol.

Closing a bank account

Systematic Movement prepares the letter closing the account and gives it to the employee to sign.

The employee tells Systematic Movement on what date the account is to be closed. We mail the letter closing the account at the right time.

Applying for mail to be forwarded

Systematic Movement ensures that the employee receives letters sent to Germany back home, too. 

As soon as we have the new address, we send in the application for having mail forwarded. This ensures that no mail goes missing.

Cancelling Registration at the Registry Office

All formalities at the local authority are dealt with.

Systematic Movement cancels registration of the employee at the local registry office in a timely manner and, if necessary, sends confirmation to utilities. A copy of the cancellation of registration is also sent to the employee if the original cannot be handed out.