We know what relocating to another country involves

For efficient processes and satisfied employees


Development of customized concepts for international assignments

On the basis of over 20 years’ experience, we support your company in developing and implementing counseling concepts for international assignments of employees. Together with our partners, we provide advice on developing assignment policies and guidelines.

Orientation & Preview

Preparing employees for relocation

Employees who come to Germany – often with their families – are frequently unaware of the differences between their host country and their home country. Before the move, Systematic Movement already offers an orientation and preview service, which helps people gain an understanding of the culture and unique aspects of their new environment. In this way, the early phase of settling in is made easier, culture shock is reduced and employees feel welcome.

Immigration Services

Planning reliability reduces your HR workload

Your personnel people know how much work is involved in finding the appropriate provisions on obtaining a work permit or checking that a university degree of a potential new employee will be recognized. We do this work for you. Through our expertise, we are able to achieve time savings of up to 80% in your company’s various internal divisions. Our immigration consultants carry out all the required tasks for you, even including writing letters for the employer.


Home Search

Finding the right place to live - through professional house hunting 

Because of the extremely tight housing market, it is becoming more and more difficult for foreign nationals to find appropriate accommodation or to be accepted by landlords. They often prefer to have German tenants. Through the support of the real estate professionals of Systematic Movement, acceptance of foreign tenants is increased by over 80%. Good to know: Systematic Movement uses modern media such as viewing accommodations with a Skype video while the employee is still outside Germany – saving a lot of time.


Welcoming employees, facilitating integration

Employees who are new in the host country often find it difficult at the beginning to keep track of things. During the entire assignment, Systematic Movement offers support in many areas of daily life (such as finding a sports club, buying household appliances, groceries or furniture). In this way, we make a contribution to the all-around satisfaction of employees. Only satisfied employees can produce top performance. 


Concluding the assignment without complications

When the international assignment is over, the time to leave eventually arrives. Here, too, numerous formalities have to be attended to and various things organized. Systematic Movement handles all these things for your employees, supports them when they move out and a great deal more.